16 March 2010

Why April will be AWESOME

April is shaping up to be a pretty great month, for several very big and awesome reasons.

Number 1: Doctor Who is back, holy shit!

The exact date seems to be a little up in the air at the moment, but it's looking like the first few days of April. While I am still grieving over the loss of the One True Doctor, I'm looking forward to having new Who every week, and snickering over how Loafy isn't as awesome as Tennant, and The Ginger isn't as great as Rose. I must do an early apology to Matt Smith for the fact I will be referring to him as 'Loafy' for his entire Dr Who career, though it's not my fault his head is so rectangular and loaf-like. Also, insulting him helps me to deal with the loss of One True Doctor much better. But they're insults laced with love. He's still the Doctor, after all.

Number 2: The Stereophonics are coming back, holy shit!


They're generic Brit-rock and they get a bit more 'meh' with every record, but I don't care cause they're my favourite band in the whole damn world. April 10, Fremantle Arts Centre. OMG. I hope to be taking photos at the show, but even if I'm not I'll still be there fangirling my face off.

Number 3: Nexus is on again, holy shit!

I've tried to fill the time in between Nexuses (Nexii?) by going to other, far less superior collectible fairs, but all they do is highlight how awesome Nexus is. I went a bit crazy last time and bought a whole bunch of crap, so this time I expect to be a little more discerning. I believe it's on April 10. April 10 will be a very exciting day! Kotobukiya Scout Trooper, you shall be MINE!

Number 4: Glee is back, holy shit!

Surely it can't still be a guilty pleasure if everyone likes it? Surely? It's like a little bit of giddy sunshine every week, and if the limp-as-hell storyline starts to bore you, you can just fast forward to the singing! The new season brings us episodes by Joss Whedon, and starring Neil Patrick Harris. BARNEY ON GLEE. How fantastic.

Number 5: AFL Dream Team, holy shit!

Dream Team actually officially starts in just over a week, which is funnily enough when the AFL season starts, but I haven't participated in the competition before, so come April I'll have a few rounds under my belt and will be really hitting my stride. I'm confident with my team, the NAB Cup test run had them scoring pretty well, but at the moment the biggest decision in my life is trying to work out if I should keep Ben Cousins in my team and give him a shot for old time's sake, or trade him for a younger player who is a greater chance of playing all 22 games and less likely to end up in hospital with alcohol poisoning (SPECULATION). Expect to hear a lot more about Dream Team over the year. This is better than footy tipping. SO MUCH BETTER.

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