28 June 2011

Supanova 2011: Lootz

I'm going to split up my Supanova coverage into three or four posts, as if I do it all in one post it will be super gigantic, and the photos of the cosplayers and whatnot won't be in the paper til Thursday (the paper gets to publish everything first, so despite how much I totally want to bombard you with event photos, it'll have to wait).

One thing the paper DOESN'T give a rat's ass about is photos of my phat lootz!

PHHAAAAAT. I didn't buy as much crap as last year, though I probably spent a similar amount of money due to all the autographs I got. Head under the cut to check out how I mis-spent all my money!

There were two things I had on my shopping list for Supanova: the remaining Civil War comics I needed to complete my collection, and the Arkham Asylum Batman from the Black & White line. Sadly, the only Civil War comics I saw floating around were ones I already had, but I DID manage to find my Batman with the lovely chaps at the Comic Zone stall.

Truly glorious. To be perfectly honest, I can count the hours I've spent playing Arkham Asylum on one hand, but I so loved the design of the game version that as soon as this statue was announced I knew I had to have it. I also knew I didn't want to pay silly internet fanboy prices for it, so I waited, and got it for under $100 at the Con.

If you've played Arkham, you already know how bad-ass Batman looks in it, and this statue does him a hell of a lot of justice. Lethal-looking gauntlets, batarang at the ready, heavy duty boots ready for skull-stomping. The thing I really liked about this one was that it comes fixed to the base. Some of the B&W line have pegs and you position the figure on the base yourself, but that makes me a little nervous when I'm moving or cleaning them. I like my statues solid.

So yes, happy with my purchase. My Jim Lee Joker has given up prime real estate on my bedroom bookcase to make way for this guy, but really, he was on borrowed time anyway. 

Next up, Mr LeBeau (aka the Marvel Select Gambit)

I bought Gambit (and the next Marvel Select) from the Quality Comics stall. I was a bit wary of how much I was likely to spend on the weekend, so I got Keith to pop them aside on the Saturday, so I could come back and get them on the Sunday. Thanks Keith! 

I like Gambit a lot. I do. Always have. But I'm not greatly enamoured with this one. The background it came with was so bad that I'm not even going to post a photo of it (though you can see it here). His big flowy coat makes it awkward to get him into cool positions, cause you have to have him leaning forward a little to counter the weight. He comes with two alternate hands and a couple of big swooshy card-throwing thingys, but I'll be displaying him nice and simple, like above. His staff sits in his hand a little bit awkwardly, but it's ok.

My 'meh'-ness towards Gambit may have been due to how FACE CRUSHINGLY AWESOME the other Marvel Select figure I bought was.

Awwwww, shiiiit yeah. Deadpool (being Deadpool), comes with about ten thousand weapons strapped to himself. He comes boxed holding sai, there are guns in his holsters, a machine gun, and there are also two katana ready to be slotted into their holders on his back. There may also be a knife strapped to his leg.

The sai were pretty cool, but the figure's hands are designed so he's able to hold the gun properly and have his finger on the trigger. There's no question that I'll be displaying him with his guns. The only (very minor) disappointment with this one was that he wasn't quite articulated enough to do any REALLY cool Deadpool poses. I would have loved to have posed him pointing the gun at his own head. But it's only a tiny gripe.

Unlike the 'WTF is that supposed to be' Gambit base, the Deadpool base is brilliant. A crumbling wall behind, and a floor littered with shells.

He does have a peg for one foot (something Gambit didn't have at all), and the other sits in a gap in the shells. He is still a little bit wonky, but not too bad.

There were variants for both figures, and while I did have to have a bit of a think about the Gambit one (longer hair), the Deadpool variant was Wade without his mask on and...no thanks. While I do like Deadpool as a character, I think the thing I like best about him is his costume design. If I'm going to display a figure, it's going to be with the kickass mask, not his fugly mangled head.

Next up is a wee little purchase I made at the Bruce Loves You stall.

I'll admit I haven't worn a badge in YEARS, but I just couldn't pass this up. The stall had some really cool stuff, but I'll go a little more in-depth in a future Supanova wrap-up post.

Empire Toys had a Buy-2-Get-1-Free deal going on their hardback comics, and I found a few gems in the boxes. 

 I really only picked up 'Eternals' because it was 'a Gaiman' (a phrase I found myself saying later. 'Oh, I bought a Gaiman'. WANNNNKKKERRRR), but reading the back I discovered not only was it 'a Gaiman', it was one that was set in the Marvel Civil War timeline. HOLY SHIT! I haven't read it yet, but I had a quick flick through and saw Iron Man was in it, and that's good enough for me. I grabbed one for myself and for a friend, so the lesser-priced 'Marvel Westerns' ended up being my freebie. Again, haven't read it, only flicked, but it looks pretty cool. Several short stories, some with modern art and some with more of the vintage pulp-style art. The stall didn't have EFTPOS, so I got them to hold the comics for me while I ran outside to get some cash. When I got back the girl handed me four comics, and I was like 'Errrr, nah, I only had three on hold' and she said 'The Iron Man is a freebie'. YAY. Again, haven't read, and haven't even really flicked, but hey. It's free and it's Iron Man. Can't really lose.

So that's pretty much it for the Lootz section of Supanova. I did buy a couple of sketches, but I'll cover them in what I think I will call the 'Artist's Alley' section. Til next time!

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