21 March 2011

I'm F**king Maaaaaatt Daaaaamooonnn

I don't like doing two posts full of YouTube clips in a  row, cause it's SHIT LAZY, but I found these clips while tidying up my hard drive today, and just had to get them back out into the world. Back in ye olden days of 2008, the world was blessed with not one, but two, meme-tastic videos. It was a running gag on Jimmy Kimmel's show that at the end of the night he'd 'bump' Matt Damon's appearance and say something along the lines of 'My apologies to Matt Damon, we're out of time tonight'. Sarah Silverman saw an opportunity where others just saw simple lols. Behold, Part 1:

Oh yes.

But Jimmy wasn't just going to sit idly by and take it lying down. Them apples were HIS apples, goddammit! A wounded yet defiant man, he countered with this heartfelt ode:

OH YES. 'Matt Damon' makes me laugh, but 'Ben Affleck' makes me CRY. And it's not cause I'm swayed by Lance from Nsync being in it. Ok...maybe a bit. A little bit. To this entire exchange I say:

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  1. Goddamn, I'd forgotten about this - I wish I could round up so many celebrities when I need a obscene musical number produced!