14 June 2011

Kiss My Camera 2011

Don't know how relevant this post is actually going to be, cause I'm not sure if the exhibition is still running, but last month was the start of the annual Kiss My Camera music photography exhibition run by WAM, as part of the WAMis. 50 photos all up, and for the first year included...absolutely none of mine. If I'm 100% honest I wasn't overly happy about it, but y'know. These things happen.

The gallery of the finalists is available to view at http://www.museum.wa.gov.au/explore/galleries/kiss-my-camera-2011-finalists. Jordan Shields won the Grand Prize with his portrait of Drapht, which was well deserved.

My submissions for your viewing pleasurez:
Jane's Addiction, Soundwave
Josh Pyke, Fremantle
Kasabian, Metro City
Operator Please, Capitol
Rufus Wainwright, Perth Concert Hall
Buried in Verona, Amplifier

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