08 August 2011

Sunday HNNNG #2

A somewhat belated Sunday HNNNG, but it's still Sunday in...Honolulu. So it's technically still okay. You may notice there has been a couple of weeks in between hnnngs. I did originally plan to make it a weekly event, but nothing really stood out to me as a true hnnng in the last fortnight.


You may be aware of my recent minor infatuation with Michael Fassbender (you know, Magneto), an infatuation that I'm admittedly rather proud of myself for, as crushing on a manly man is much more satisfactory than the girly boys I tend to go for.


He recently starred in an adaption of Jane Eyre that has been out in the rest of the world for months, but is not out in Australia for another week (oh, the pain). I stumbled across the following cover the other day in my searching of the googlemachines:

Oh. My. I hear there were a lot of insurance claims stemming from that photoshoot. All the ladies in the immediate area became spontaneously pregnant after witnessing his carnal gaze.

HNNNG. Head on over to the W Magazine website to check out the full gallery of The Fass and his Jane Eyre co-star Mia Wasikowska. To state the obvious and crude: he can Bend my Fass any time.

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