15 February 2010


Quick post to share a couple of photos of the new Doctor Who & Torchwood 'dolls' released by Tonner. And then after the photos is my approximate reaction to the 'dolls'. First is (apparently) The Doctor and second is (apparently) Jack Harkness. Oh, and also keep in mind these cost US$180. And only an extra US$50 if you want the Doctor's brown coat.

Does anybody else get the feeling that reference pictures of David Tennant and John Barrowman weren't even in the general vicinity of the location where these abominations were being put together? Though if they were actually planning on making 'creepy-stalker Martin Short' and 'winter-fun Tom Cruise' dolls then they're right on the money.

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  1. Tonner are bizarre. They made Jessica Rabbit and Power Girl and slumped on the boobs. Those characters ARE boobs'