12 July 2009

Nexus Toy Fair

Today I popped into the quarterly Nexus Toy Fair for a look around. Unfortunately I could only get there for the last half an hour, so I'm pretty sure I missed some great bargains, but there was still a lot of interesting stuff to check out. Quite a few loose Star Wars figurines as I was hoping, but not many troopers which were what I was really after. Found a Spike (Buffy) bust for $30 (!!) when I first walked in, but I'd set myself a spending restriction and didn't want to blow most of it on the first thing I saw. After I'd done a lap and came back for it, it was gone. Damn. Quick or the dead in this game. I did however pick up this chap as a consolation prize, for the princely sum of $25:

Boba Fett

According to his tag, he's made by Applause, and is part of the Star Wars Classic Collectors Series. Made in 1996 I believe as well. He's about 26cm tall (just under 12"), so he's a decent size. He may not even be worth $25, but I was looking for something tall-ish to fill the gap on my 'Fett' shelf, and he's perfect. In good condition, apart from a nick on the front of his helmet.

Boba Fett

I also bought a loose Clone Trooper for $5. I think it must have been one of the preview figures as it's unarticulated. The pose is ok, but like many of the figures from EpII & III it can't stand up without the aid of Blu-tac (or an action figure peg if you want to be fancy). It's the main reason I didn't really bother with buying any of the Revenge of the Sith range. It's pointless having action figures that you can't display properly. But for $5, I can spare the Blu-tac for this guy.

As far as Nexus goes, I only wish I had more time to look around, as I'm certain there were some great treasures to be found. The next one is Saturday the 10th of October, and I will most definitely be there.

During the week I went to Toys R Us 'just for a look', and came back with a few more members for my Galactic Heroes and Super Hero Squad armies. I'd been trying to find this little fella in the shops for ages, so I didn't have to pay stupid amounts of money to get one off ebay:


Alright, so I had to pay for a four-pack to be able to get him, but he was with Wolverine, Archangel and Apocalypse, so it wasn't too bad. Look at how cute he is! I really like the pose on this one, his tail and right hand provide the support, leaving his other limbs to party like it's 1999.

I've got a few things due to arrive in the mail within the next week or so, so expect excitement and poor studio photography skills when they do turn up.

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