13 May 2010

Happy John Barrowman Day!

While the origins of John Barrowman Day are less than heroic (we discovered that John Barrowman had a CD, we gathered together to listen to it and had a wonderful time, and thus it was decided we would come together on May 12 every year to celebrate the general awesomeness that resulted from John Barrowman), the main thing is the CELEBRATION of John Barrowman Day.

Because, let's face it, John Barrowman is pretty freakin awesome. Let's have a look at some of the awesome things John Barrowman does:

John Barrowman is the head of Torchwood, and he'll fuck up your shit with some alien tech. Then he'll try to have sex with you. Often he'll succeed.

John Barrowman SINGS THE HITS! Of the 80s. For the record, I do actually own and genuinely like this album. It's insanely charming. But, er, moving right along...

John Barrowman shoots LASERS out of his fucking HANDS! Forget Iron Man and his repulsor glove crap, John Barrowman will razzle-dazzle you to death at 100 paces. And he will look insanely happy while doing it.

John Barrowman appreciates the unquestionable humour of kilts. Also he probably likes flashing people. And he's Scottish, despite the, er, American accent.

John Barrowman is such a consumate professional that he can say THAT LINE with something resembling a straight face. The poor, poor cat. Wait, he was talking about her cat, right?

John Barrowman made out with SPIKE from BUFFY! He also made out with some other guys, but they weren't as awesome as SPIKE from BUFFY!

John Barrowman dresses his dog in....people...........clothes. Okay, alright, that's not that great. But what IS GREAT, is this video:

First, he kisses David Tennant, then he unleashes sass on the Comic Con audience. WHAT. A. DUDE. It's so good I can even excuse the fact he's wearing Ed Hardy. I didn't realise people of sound mind actually WORE that garbage.

So where ever you are on May 12th, take some time out to reflect on that guy who plays Captain Jack in Torchwood, and how awesome it is that he got to kiss David Tennant that one time. And Spike from Buffy. And that guy who plays Ianto whose name I can never remember.

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