30 April 2010

Dream Team Update: Rd 4 & 5

Above is the logo for my Dream Team. Have you ever seen anything so goddamn glorious? As the only girl in both my DT leagues, I saw it as my duty to unleash the rainbow unicorn with hate in his eyes. He'll cram fairy dust in places where the sun don't shine. However, it's becoming painfully evident that he's not really helping me in my campaign for DT supremecy.

Round Four

Team Score: 1824
Epic Win: Paul Chapman, Geelong, 254 points
Epic Fail: Angus Monfries, Essendon, 0 points

Where it all went wrong: To be honest, it actually went a bit better than I was expecting. I traded Riewoldt for Chapman, made him captain and reaped the rewards. Traded Nahas for O'Keefe and got a very tidy score of 92. Dangerfield somehow manged to convince the coaches he was fit, so he played and the only 0 I had was Angus Monfries. Thanks to pretty solid showings from most of my players I got a score on par with my previous 'decent' scores despite having a player out.

Round Five

Team Score: 1838
Epic Win:
Beau Waters, West Coast, 115 points
Epic Fail: Jonathan Brown, Brisbane, 38 points

Where it all went wrong: For the first time all season I'd gone into the round relatively happy with my team. Everyone was going to start, and although Jono Brown had an injury cloud hanging over him, I had my emergency nominated so if he didn't play, someone would be there to take his place. But he did play...and scored 38 points. And thus dropped $38 000 in value. Second string epic fail goes to West Coast's Chris Masten who scored a lowly 43 points, while my benched rookie Jack Trengove scored 108. Guess who gets relegated to the bench for the Derby, chum? Dangerfield injured himself (again, but properly this time), and will be out for a month, so he goes to the bench and means I have no backup if any of my forwards are out in the immediate future. Traded out Sydney's Trent Dennis-Lane, as he doesn't look like debuting any time soon and is just taking up room on the bench. Got in James Podsiadly from Geelong as a backup bencher, but there's a good chance he may become a fixture in the starting lineup before too long. He didn't have a blinder of a week, but he was on the bench and didn't count towards my score, so I didn't give a damn! Also traded out Darren Glass for Alex Silvagni because, well, Darren Glass has been getting FA points and is a waste of space in my team.

Have made one trade going in to Round 6, and it's one that breaks my heart. I do love all the Selwood boys, and I have both Adam and Joel in my team. While Adam has been tearing it up, Joel has been pretty damn ordinary and is bleeding money. $70 000 in the last three weeks. That's no good, so he had to go. The obvious replacement had been staring me in the face all week, but I refused to give in. Until today. Welcome to J's Juggernauts....Matthew Pavlich. I'd just like to state that this doesn't come as any sort of endorsement from me towards the Fremantle Football Club, I detest them and always will. And yes, I do already have some Dockers in my squad, but they're not the same as having the Dockers CAPTAIN. King of the Purple Scum. Despite every fibre of my body screaming 'Noooooo, what are you doooiiiinngggg???' I had to think practically, and get the reliable player who was going to give me a solid score each week, because he's a decent player in a shitty team and get lots of posessions cause his shitty team mates always crap their daks and give him the ball.

Please forgive me, great Eagle god. I just want to move up from second-bottom on the ladder. I have my pride to think of here.

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