26 January 2011

My 2010 (Movies)

Yes, I do realise I'm SUPER late in doing my 2010 wrap-ups, but there were a few movies I needed to see before I did my list. These aren't in strict order (well, not past the first three, anyway), and at no point do I claim they were the 'best' movies of 2010, just the ones I enjoyed the most. Keep in mind that I am a girl, and will often value cute boys and explosions over technical prowess in any area of film-making. Here we go.
1. Inception
I don't think I really even need to justify this one at #1. It was clearly the most ambitious movie of the year, which resulted in it being the most talked-about. It looked amazing (and no, I'm not just talking about JGL in a suit), the plot was so pretzel-like that I actually forgot how many levels they were at and had a bit of a freak out at the end, and the CONCEPT itself was just so thought-provoking. Loved it.
2. The King's Speech
There were just so many levels in which to enjoy this movie. Appreciation for the script, appreciation of the acting (props to Colin Firth's dialect coach), and appreciation of the cinematography. As a photographer watching this movie, it was like being kicked in the face with the Rule of Thirds. The way they used it to keep the mood so rigid while all this snappy dialogue was going on was just...delicious. The shot where Colin Firth was smooshed into the front third and looking out of the frame made me squeal a little. They were BREAKING THE RULES and I felt so naughty watching it. Oh, and the story was great. And it was the first time I had ever warmed to Helena Bonham-Carter in a role. But the best bit was the way it looked. Oh god. I need to watch it again right now...
3. Scott Pilgrim vs the World
There have been arguments that this movie was a little inaccessible as it was clearly aimed at a very niche group of people, but being that I'm a child of the 90s who played 8-bit video games (thus being smack-bang in the middle of that niche), I find those arguments IRRELEVANT.  I knew nothing of the comics before seeing the movies, so it was like riding a magical slingshot into this mystery world where the ruling factors were indie rock and video games. I mean COME ON. This movie is an embodiment of all that is good and pure in this world, and I will hear nothing to the contrary.
4. The Blind Side
I have many weaknesses, but one of my top 5 weaknesses is uplifting sporting movies. I am taking a tiny bit of liberty with this one, as technically it was released in 2009, but it was released here at the start of 2010, so BACK OFF. The true story of Michael Oher, a poor kid who was adopted by a white well-to-do family and went on to become a trillionaire superstar with the Baltimore Ravens. I can't say I was convinced that Sandra Bullock deserved the Oscar, the star of the movie was by far Quinton Aaron. The constant look of hopelessness in his eyes made for somewhat stressful viewing. You just feel so INVOLVED from the get go.
5. The Social Network
I got to admit, I wasn't planning on liking this one. How good could it be? A movie about some douchey nerd who made some website (that I am painfully reliant on for my day-to-day dealings)? What I was faced with was a fascinating look into the mechanics of a growing empire. The struggle when a friendship becomes a business partnership. It's a bit of a slow-grind subtle movie, but it's worth it. As a ridiculous boy band fan, I cannot comment on Justin Timberlake in an unbiased manner, but I thought he was awesome. He's a natural in front of the camera, it's just a shame that he may never get taken seriously as an actor. The script was great considering the strange subject matter, and the ending could not have been more perfect. If there was an award for 'Best Movie Ending' this would have taken it out.
6. Kick Ass
I loved this movie so hard. Oh man. This is the only one I saw twice at the cinema, mainly because I went into it totally blind with no idea what to expect, and subsequently had my MIND BLOWN so had to see it again to really appreciate all the stuff I missed while my brains were leaking over the floor. I can't compare it to the comic cause I still haven't read it (eep), so my opinion is that of a moviegoer, not a comic book geek. That first scene where Hit Girl wails on a room full of dudes is one of the greatest things to happen in cinema this year.
7. Toy Story 3
As someone who still has a bunny she received when she was 6, yeah, I can relate to feeling an attachment to inanimate objects. I don't even know what I can say about this movie that hasn't been said by everyone else. The story was really strong, the new characters were great, and I had a cry headache from trying not to sob in front of people in the cinema. That scene in the incinerator...I felt sick. Solidarity in the face of certain death. Man. *wipes tear away*
8. Secretariat
Remember my weakness for uplifting sporting movies? Combine that with my weakness for uplifting horse movies. BAM! Secretariat. I've seen 99% of the horseracing movies out there, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is my favourite. I judge racing movies on the quality of the actual race sequences, and this movie nailed it. I guess with Seabiscuit the film-makers were stuck in a hard place because they had to SHOW Tobey Maguire on the horse, but the blatantly fake horse head that he was 'riding' totally killed it for me. Secretariat is not as much of a 'fluffy' movie as you'd expect from Disney, but I guess being a well-known true story they couldn't take too many liberties. The version I 'obtained' is a really bad cam version, so I look forward to it coming out on DVD so I can watch it properly.
9. Dear John
First point: yes, it is a Nicholas Sparks adaption, no, you won't cry like you did in The Notebook. I guess the reason I liked this movie so much was the story, so it's really nothing to do with the movie itself, but...whatever. It is the classic Nicholas Sparks 'Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Tragedy ensues', but it really all comes a bit out of left field, and it's not your traditional love story at all. You won't cry like you did in The Notebook, but your heart will break a million times. Considering Channing Tatum has only been in dopey boofhead movies for most of his career, and actually had to use his skills instead of his abs in this one, he did a good job.
10. The A Team
SPEAKING of dopey boofhead movies! :D To say this movie shit all over Iron Man 2 is one major understatement. There was cute boys, explosions, and lols. I've been getting into the original A Team as they've been showing eps on the tv, and the movie captured the vibe perfectly. Though...new Face is way cuter.
11. Stuff I Saw That I Really Liked and Just Missed Out
How To Train Your Dragon
I liked it a lot, but I wasn't doing backflips over it. To be honest I was too preoccupied trying to work out which character was being voiced by David Tennant. But it was a great lesson in 'You can be awesome even if you're a little bit shit'.
Valentines Day
Yes. The one with Ashton Kutcher. Yes. The one that is a gigantic rip-off of Love Actually. Yes. That one. I absolutely loved it, and it so so very nearly made my top 10. I mean, c'mon. The movie ended and I LIKED Ashton Kutcher! Magic movie!
Red Hill
It's probably super condescending to say, but it was great for an Aussie movie. The suspense covered up the plot holes and questionable character motivations. But there was Ryan Kwanten, and guns, and horses. Also a panther. No, I don't know either.
Remember Me
So, remember how we all loved R-Pattz as Cedric Diggory, but wouldn't touch him after he entered into 'that franchise?' Well, we all just need to ride out the wave of horror for the next few years, cause once those festering excuses for literature are finished with, hopefully we can expect more movies like this one. It was a bit of a slow burn, but the boy can ACT! And be CHARMING! And ENGAGING! I do suggest watching this one for the ending. You're cruising along, thinking 'Hm, I'm not really super invested in these characters' and then BAM.
MOAR 2010 to come! Next up, my year in music.

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