26 July 2011

Barrowman. And Rainbows.

One of the best things about having a blog is checking your stats occasionally to see what things people are searching for when they stumble upon your posts. Usually, they're pretty normal. This blog hasn't been going very long from its current location, so most of the hits have been from people searching 'cosplay' or 'James Marsters' or 'Sean Maher' etc. Reasonable. HOWEVER, the other day I logged into Wordpress where the blog had previously been hosted for ~3 years and found some wonderful gems. The most common? Variations on the theme of 'John Barrowman & rainbows'. Interesting. Pop below the cut for more nuggets of crazy.

The most popular single phrase searched for on the blog is 'Davey Havok'. I put up one photo of him two and a half years ago, and it seems to be the most popular thing on the entire blog. Sigh. But really, in the grand scheme of things, that's pretty normal. Check out some of the other things people have used to land on the blog:

  • wolf men gay
  • john barrowman in a dress
  • tommy wiseau cat
  • creepy stalker photo
  • a face made out of money
  • stalker fun
  • john barrowman is annoying
  • nerdy guy with his cat and lasers
  • boba fett as a child and in his child hood
  • john barrowman making out
  • spike buffy sex wall 
  • creepy money stalker
  • davey havok underwear
  • compare john barrowman and tom cruise
  • nerds get chucked in bins
  • neil patrick harris in boba fett armor
  • dog with straight face
  • which is more fitting for my life right now, nerds or blergh?
  • what is john barrowman attempting to do with david tennant?
  • fuck you all im from texas
  • wolverine kissing batman 

So, going by that, I should really just make this blog all about stalking and John Barrowman. Or stalking John Barrowman. There are a million Barrowman-related things I didn't bother to post, also many stalk-y things. Strange. Though I really must commend the person who searched for 'neil patrick harris in boba fett armor'. You like good things. You can hang out here all you want.

So I ask of you, dear reader, what is the most ridiculous thing someone had used to find YOUR blog? Best search term will get a prize. The prize is my sympathy. GO!