11 July 2011

Supanova 2011: Artists Alley

Artists Alley is the place at Supanova to discover both established and indie comic artists, as well as artists who create works based on cult pop culture themes. The comics above are from chums who occupied the Monster & Robot Industries stall. Pop below the cut to see more of their work, and some of my other favourites from the weekend.

The stall featured comics from Grug, Jess and Luke, including Jess's newest creation Danford, and the Grug/Luke collaboration 'Glorious Bounty'. Jess's super-cute books gave parents a break from having to shield their kids from guns and boobs and whatever weird stuff happens in anime comics. I can personally vouch for the lols from the Glorious Bounty series, but sadly this year I forgot to grab any of the other comics. LUCKILY, they're all available on etsy, which is where I'll be grabbing them from, and you should too. Visit Made By Bees on Etsy for a selection of comics (and badges!).

Next is a stall that grabbed my attention like no other. First it was the colourful, shiny Doctor Who prints that adorned the back wall of the stall, then it was the utterly stunning Supernatural paintings. The one above had sold out by the time by the time I got around to the stall, which is totally understandable. LOOK AT IT! It was so jawdropping in person. The folks at Bruce Loves You had a wonderful stall full of Supernatural, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Watchmen and more. I posted a photo of the 'Stetsons are Cool' button I bought in a previous post, but the full range of Doctor Who designs are well worth a look.

They were so colourful and cute, I would have bought them all if I didn't already have a pile of unframed prints waiting to be hung at home. I flipped through the folio of minimalist representations of Supernatural episodes, and one made me go 'Oh, wow....'. Again, I didn't buy because of wall space restrictions, but I grabbed a business card to check the online store out later. I don't know if all the business cards had the same image on the back, or if I was just extremely lucky in picking it up, but I grabbed one with my favourite image on it:

That image will mean absolutely nothing to someone who hasn't seen the episode, but if you HAVE, it's like 'Aaaaaaarrrggghhh!' (in a good way). I forget big chunks of Supernatural in between viewings, but Sammy in that white suit will be burnt into my brain forever. 'The End' will be the first one I pick up when I get around to doing an order for sure. This month they have a 10% off sale, using the code SUPANOVA at checkout, so please please please check them out.

Last but certainly not least is Stewart McKenny. Trying to pick a favourite image of his to display was incredibly hard, I own several, and I genuinely love so many of them. I don't own this one of the Star Wars bounty hunter lineup (yet), but it is one of my front-running favourites for sure. I flipped though the folder of Stewart's original sketches, and just couldn't go past this one:

My grandad was a massive Phantom fan and growing up I'd been used to the constant presence of Phantom comics and memorabilia in the house. Since he passed away there has been very little of  The Ghost Who Walks in my life, so I grabbed this one without much hesitation. Then the next day I came back and grabbed this: 

The coloured sketch and pencil sketch will look great framed up together, and it will be very nice to have a Phantom piece on the walls once again. The best way to check out Stewart's stuff is to add him as a friend on Facebook, or become a fan of his page. His galleries of sketches are far more extensive, and the newer stuff is put up there first. His latest addition is a Princess Bride poster that is just...guh. So good. And he's a truly lovely guy. Absolute champ.

I hope you enjoyed a stroll through my favourite parts of the Artists Alley at Supanova. Click lots of links, buy lots of things, and most importantly, support local artists! Woo!

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