10 July 2011

Sunday HNNNG #1

Those Supanova posts are still on their way, but I need an outlet for a few bits of squee I've had bottled up for a while. Firstly:

HNNNG! The first movie was so good that I pretty much have no words for how much I'm looking forward to the sequel. Since Iron Man 2 and Transformers 2 I've been a bit wary at getting excited over sequels, but this can't POSSIBLY stink as much as they did, so it's all good (I am however prepared to eat my words in 6 months time)! It's released in the USA on the 16th of December, but we're not getting it in Australia until the 5th of January. Boooooo! At this stage I wouldn't expect I'd be desperate enough to torrent it, but we'll see how well my resolve stands up in December.

David Tennant as an eyeliner-wearing vampire hunter with a shotgun. HNNNG. Delightfully, we get this BEFORE the USA, on the 18th of August (they get it on the 19th, but whatever, small victories). You know what, I don't even really know what this is about, apart from him hunting vampires, and Colin Farrell being a vampire. That's all I need tbh. I always thought 'Fright Night' was a fairly campy name, so I was surprised when the movie seemed quite dark in the trailer. I know it's a remake, but still. Camp.

THIS. Oh my word. This looks so wonderfully terrible. When I first saw this was coming out, and I read the cast list, I was pretty excited. Orlando Bloom! The guy who played Mr Darcy in the new Pride & Prejudice! The kid who played Percy Jackson! The dude from Inglourious Basterds! Then I saw this trailer. My dreams of Orlando being a shit-hot Musketeer were dashed. My dreams of D'Artagnan not being a total twerp were dashed. HOWEVER. Buckingham has the most badass hair I have seen in a long time. And there's flying ships with cannons. And flamethrowers! And Milla Jovovich doing a whole lot of that slo-mo fighting thing that seems to be her forte. And D'Artagnan almost being stabbed in the face. This cannot possibly be as shit as Pirates of the Caribbean 4, so I am holding high (okay, slightly above average) hopes for this one. It comes out in Australia on October 13, and I plan on seeing it opening weekend before everybody else goes first and tells me it's shit and breaks my heart.



  1. holy shit that outfit. THAT OUTFIT. good lord orlando.

  2. If you're going to look like a fuckwit, you might as well look like a MASSIVE fuckwit.

  3. HAHAHAHAA wow that's bad, but Robert Downey, that's gooood.