28 July 2011

The one time it's not cool to be a Jedi Knight

Now, it's not very often that I talk about Serious Things on here, but I've had to take a bit of a detour on this particular issue (though essentially, it's still pretty nerdy, woo!). On the 9th of August Australians will take part in the Census, something that I didn't really give a shit about until I started watching Who Do You Think You Are and they were getting all this bitchin' info from the Census like 200 years ago.

Anyway, during the course of the Census exam paper we will be asked which religion we follow. In previous years people have put 'Jedi' or 'Jedi Knight' for the lulz. Specifically, around 55000 people put that as their answer in 2006. Instead of Jedi Knight being recorded as an actual religion, it is recorded as 'Not Defined', which is as good as being lumped under the greater 'religious' banner. By specifically putting 'No Religion' it will decrease the political impact these groups will have when it comes time to formulate new laws and policies for the entire country. 'Oh, gay marriage? Hm, seems we have a religious majority in this country, and they won't like that. DE-NY'.

'The Atheist Foundation of Australia believes all government laws and policies should benefit all members of society, not just those who adhere to a particular religious faith - even when that religion holds a majority position. As such, all government decisions should be based on empirical evidence rather than religious beliefs.'
I have no issue with people who believe in God, it is absolutely their personal choice. But it is not my personal choice for my country to be run on guidelines set by some 'hokey religion'. So, if you have no particular allegiance to a faith, put 'No Religion', and leave the Jedi Knight stuff for when you're LARP-ing with your friends.

Ugh. LARP-ers.


  1. You mock larping now, but when Knights of Badassdom comes around you are going to love them.

    But in all honesty, I am with you.Usually put Agnostic.

  2. Ha! I actually watched a doco on larpers a while ago, expecting to come out the other side with a new found appreciation. No. Terrible.

    I would actually probably consider myself Agnostic, but for the purposes of this I'll be going No Religion.