04 July 2009

Macro preview

My other expensive hobby of choice is photography. I picked up my new Canon SX1 in time for Supanova tomorrow (more on that later), so I thought I'd test out its low-light and macro capabilities on models that weren't going to argue.

StarscreamRotF Robot Heroes Starscream

MetatronRotF Robot Heroes Megatron

SideswipeRotF Robot Heroes Sideswipe

Jango FettAttack of the Clones preview Jango Fett

RingwraithLord of the Rings Ringwraith animated maquette

It's only the first go-over with it, the auto-focus is a bit fussy, and the grain at ISO1600 is pretty noticeable, but for what is essentially a beefed-up point and shoot, the quality's nice. I'll be taking it along to Supanova with me tomorrow to document the madness.

Supanova is the closest thing Perth gets to a comic con, a weekend of anime, science fiction, comics, collectables, wrestling, guest speakers, etc etc. I'm quite keen to check out the panels from Lord of the Rings' Karl Urban, and Episode 1's Jake Lloyd, but generally I'm just going to soak it all up. I didn't go last year, and after seeing all the photos I wished I had. So expect photos from that in the hopefully not too distant future.


  1. I love the animated macquettes of lord of the rings. the star wars ones are beautiful too. My massive creepy crush love for old Brits means I'll probably pick up a Saruman and Gandalf at some point.

  2. I saw the animated Darth Maul today. For the sake of my bank account I pretended I hadn't. It was pretty.