08 July 2009

Wall Update

My risers arrived! I never thought I'd be so happy to see three bent little pieces of plastic. So I've sorted the mess out a bit, things are starting to look a little bit better, so time for an updated Wall photo.

Wall of Nerd

There are still boxed figures at the back of some of the shelves, they'll get sorted out....eventually. What, you want a blow-by-blow rundown of the shelves? Well ok then!

1. The 'Classic' shelf
aka 'Things that are just about as old as me'. Currently my Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves figures are up there. Tell you what, I looked after my stuff as a kid. I think I'm missing a couple of arrows, but apart from that, top condition. I still even have the sheriff's tiny gold medallion. Some of my less crap vintage Star Wars figures will likely live here, and I'm chasing up a few toys from my childhood like Captain Planet, Biker Mice from Mars, etc etc, so if I get them, this is where they'll go.

2. The 'Batman' shelf  
I think this one speaks for itself. There's a couple of random EpI & II figs in there, but they'll probably get chucked in the bin packed away somewhere, and then it'll be all Batmanny glory.

3. The 'Fett' shelf
Again, fairly self explanatory. EpII Slave I, Boba replica helmet, Jango EpII preview figure, standard Jango & Boba EpII figures, and a little vintage Slave I. Maybe looking to add a Boba bust, but this one's fine as is at the moment.

4. The 'Super Hero Squad' shelf
My collection of the Marvel Super Hero Squad line isn't exactly impressive at the moment, so I'm currently building stocks. Once I have more than a handful, they'll be going in here. No idea what I'm going to do with that TIE fighter, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

5. The 'Time Squad/Doctor Who' shelf
In the next couple of weeks I'm going to buy the entire first wave of the Time Squad figurines. I can't wait. They're even cuter than those damn chibi Batman figures. And they will live here. Alongside the few Dr Who action figures I actually like. The Jack Harkness figure is just...blergh.

6. The 'Junk' shelf
aka, 'I have no bloody idea what I'm doing with this yet'

7. The 'Er....' shelf
Plz see description of 'Junk shelf'. At the moment my Supernatural Chevy Impala and Mark & Robbie Take That dolls (squee!) are up there, but eventual plans are uncertain. I'm thinking about maybe having my Batman Black & White statues up there, then I was considering getting the Star Wars Biker Scout statue to put there, but I've found out it's not really that big, and it's expensive, and argh. Decisions, they are hard. Mark and Robbie get to...stay another day.

8. The 'Galactic Heroes' shelf
Eventually this shelf will be 90% Galactic Heroes, with a few normal figures. At the moment, it's mainly all Episode II. I made such a mistake with those. I was working at Toys R Us, I had staff discount, I got caught up in the moment...and now I have a crapload of poorly-designed toys from a ridiculous movie. Episode II was a mistake on many fronts, it seems. But anyway, yes. Galactic Heroes. Here.

9. The 'I bought all the horse figurines from LotR and forgot to buy any normal figures' shelf
But damn they're cool. This shelf is done. Aragorn/Brego, Legolas/Asfaloth, Minas Tirith 'keepsake box', Ringwraith, fancy Aragorn/Brego.

10. The 'Book' shelf
Imaginitive, huh? Star Wars, LotR, Heroes and comic art books propped up by Xmen 2 Nightcrawler and a Deluxe Class Optimus. I need the 'Art of Return of the King' and 'Art of Attack of the Clones/Revenge of the Sith' books to complete what I've got, then the next one I really want to get is 'Mythology', the art of Alex Ross.

11. The 'Bustin Out' shelf
I think I'll probably keep this as Star Wars busts. Batman will go on the Batman shelf, and Gollum will go...somewhere. Keen to get a Kit Fisto, perhaps a couple of troopers. Eventually. This shelf isn't a high priority. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gonn will do for the time being.

12. The 'Oh, I DID buy some LotR figures!' shelf
The size of the LotR figures is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing, in that they obviously look impressive and have more area for detail in their sculpting, but curse cause I've got six of the buggers and the shelf is already full. Pippin, Merry, Faramir, and Orc and two, er, Legolii? Legolases? Two of Orlando Bloom's character, anyway. I want to get a Boromir and and Eomer, they better get used to being all squishy and man-touching in there.

13. The 'Trooper' shelf
My hero piece, my beloved vintage AT-ST. Eventually he'll have all different sort of troopers milling around his feet, but I'm in no rush cause as far as the troopers go, the cheaper I can get them for, the better.

14. The 'Robot Heroes' shelf
More or less just the Revenge of the Fallen line, with a few G1/Universe/whatever figures thrown in. As good as the riser looks, unfortunately I'll be able to fit way more in WITHOUT it in there, but at this stage it's ok, so I'm leaving it.

15. The 'LotR weirdly-shaped figure' shelf
Oh Sam and Frodo. You do everything together. Including having action figures with really annoyingly-shaped bases. If I put them to the back of the shelf, you can't see them, but if I put them at the front, you can't see anything behind them. Grunt. I'll find a solution eventually.

16. The 'I am Optimus Priiiiiime' shelf
Because 'I am Legolas Greenleaaaaaaaf' just doesn't have the same ring to it. And because Legolas will eventually be living on the entertainment unit, and my Leader Class Optimus will be taking his place, with a whole bunch of G1/Universe/whatever-they-were Robot Heroes around his feet.

So, that is it. I'd say I'm getting closer to completion, but there's no such thing is there?

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