02 July 2009


Greetings, salutations, and good day. My name is Jacinta, and I have a problem. Collecting. Collecting toys, specifically. Since I was old enough to have an income, I've amassed a collection spanning several fandoms and quite a few years. Not until now have I made a conscious decision to display all my bits and pieces. A trip to IKEA and three bookcases later, I bring you: The Wall of Nerd.

The Wall of Nerd, circa June 2009

There we have it. The Wall, circa early June 2009, not long after everything was pulled out of storage boxes and messily thrown on its shelves. Pandemonium; Batman next to Star Wars, Xmen alongside Transformers. This blog's intention is to document the wall's transformation from cheap Swedish furniture containing a ragtag bunch of plastic playthings, to a shrine to various fandoms, well organised AND containing quality pieces.

Google told me there wasn't many toy blogs being run by girls. Google also told me that there wasn't any toy blogs being run by Australian girls (but I bet Google just wasn't looking hard enough). I love toys, and statues, and busts, and collectables, and I'm sure I love them for different reasons than the really hard core collectors, so that's the other part of the blog. WHY I spend occasionally ridiculous amounts of money on things that serve no other purpose than just to sit there and look good.

And shiny. Don't forget shiny.

Off the top of my head, my fandoms include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Transformers, Serenity, Doctor Who, Batman, Buffy, Angel etc. So stick around if you like any of that stuff, and I'll attempt to stretch my studio-setup skillz to take some photos of the bits I've got. 

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  1. I like busts too.

    I have some new Transformers and basketball figurine from the Empire Toys sale. It is sweet.